About us

Hello everyone!

We are Tess and Richard and we want to travel europe since we knew each other. We always had the dream to buy a bus and just to drive without any plans, just things we want to see. So here we are!

We will start in Switzerland, working on an ‘Alp’ where we are making cheese and butter and tending cows. This will be so hard but I am sure we will master the challenge. Our rough plan for now is to travel down to Spain and Portugal over the coast of France. Maybe we will visit Italy and even Great Britain too, we actually don’t know yet.

The idea is also that we don’t want to stress our journey with a timetable like ‘We have to be here and then and we have to do this and that’. We want to free ourselves from big plans, just living the day or the next week but not more details. We will see how it goes!