Gruezi mitanand

I (Tess) finally arrived five days ago in Switzerland and joined Richard on the alp. It’s all about milking cows and feeding and we are also making cheese and butter. You can’t imagine it’s sooo good! So the first days went good for me, Richard is helping me a lot because I’m still struggling in milking for example. That’s not as easy as I had it in mind, the cows could get sick if you make mistakes. But I think I will learn it fast so I’m not worried 🙂 We still have many days left here, about two months, so I have time to get a real cowgirl haha

Anyways we are already sleeping in our (soon) bus and testing out the space. We really love it and look forward for a good time with it!

I also wanted to share some pictures with you

I will update the blog from time to time but it’s nor easy because we have so much to do. I’ll try my best!

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